At Ladywood Primary School, our aim is to provide children with a curriculum that engages, excites and empowers them to become life-long learners. We are an inclusive school where all pupils can thrive, learn and achieve their full potential.

The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge and concepts. Preparing our children to become resilient, responsible citizens, with the confidence to positively contribute locally and globally.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. Children will have the opportunity to develop their reading skills to become confident readers to enable access to the whole curriculum. We want them to have a love of reading. It is important that they understand both reading for pleasure and reading to learn.

We promote positive attitudes to learning, which reflect the values and skills needed to promote responsibility for learning and future success.

Community involvement is an integral part of our curriculum, inviting families and visitors to facilitate learning new skills and sharing experiences.



The core of our curriculum delivery is through quality first teaching. Staff share their specialist subject knowledge to ensure all learners have the same learning opportunities. Staff foster good trusting relationships to make sure children feel happy and safe. We have parallel classes with mixed ability and ages. This ensures consistency for learners across the year groups. When teaching we ensure that all children can access the learning through appropriate differentiation.

Our learners, through PHSE, Thrive, The Art of Being Brilliant and the wider curriculum become resilient, respectful, curious and independent individuals who have high expectations for themselves.

Staff plan relevant lessons effectively for all learners centred on progression and consider the sequence of lessons within year groups and key stages. They will provide opportunities for real life experiences, development of vocabulary, speaking and listening.

We cultivate a love of reading within the school community. This is achieved through shared experiences, using a range of relevant, exciting and challenging texts to increase their reading miles. There will be opportunities to visit the school library and reading shed, as well as all classrooms having a Reading Corner where children can enjoy reading for pleasure. Staff as readers will share their passion for reading with the school community.

Our topics are planned to practise our skills in a cross-curricular approach. Topic themes take account of children’s interests and current affairs with the flexibility to allow the learning to grow organically.



By the time children leave Ladywood Primary School, they will be life-long learners who have transferrable skills and knowledge to set them up for their future aspirations. Our data will reflect the enjoyment and effort the school community put into the curriculum.

We aim for good progress and outcomes for all our learners.


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Subject Progression Documents

 CrayonMaths    CrayonReading    CrayonScience

CrayonWriting  CrayonGeography    CrayonHistory    

CrayonDT  CrayonMusicCrayonComputing 

CrayonArt   CrayonRE    CrayonPSHE 

  CrayonPE    CrayonMFL


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As part of the RE curriculum we follow the agreed syllabus for Derbyshire (2019-2025). We build this into our curriculum to provide rich opportunities for children to learn about things that matter in the lives of many people in the local area and wider world. RE for each year group will cover both religious and world view (non-religious) topics. Please refer to the curriculum overviews for each year group to see details of our coverage for RE.  

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Maths Handwriting         
Science Geography
Music History
SEND Religious Education
Art Modern Foreign Languages
P.E Design and Technology
Reading Computing


To find out more about the Curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher.


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The proposed structure of the National Curriculum, in terms of which subjects are compulsory at each key stage, is set out in the table below:



Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


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7 - 11

Year Groups

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Core Subjects










Foundation Subjects

Art and design






Design and technology














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