Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We aim to be:

A happy, caring school, providing quality educational opportunities, so that children can achieve their academic and personal potential in a positive working environment.

Values and Expectations

The values which are important to our school community are:

1. We value people. Every child and adult is an important individual.

2. Doing our best. Every child and adult is expected to do his/her best to make our school a good place to be.

3. Hard work is important. Everyone is expected to work hard to do his/her best to achieve the highest standards they are capable of in work and behaviour.

4. Respect and courtesy matter. Everyone is expected to show respect for each other and the environment. We should all use good manners and be polite to others at all times.

5. Good behaviour and academic and social achievements are important. They are rewarded and celebrated.

6. Helping each other. By caring for others we grow as people and make our school a better place to be.

7. Non-violent solution to problems. At all times we should try to solve our problems in a non-violent way, remembering to treat others as we would like them to treat us.