Eco Schools

Eco Schools at Ladywood 

At Ladywood, each class has an Eco representative to ensure the correct recycling, energy and water is used in each classroom.

We are currently recycling batteries and are just about to start recycling used crisps packets. If you have any of these at home, please bring them in to help us!

The Litter Team have continued to with Richard Windsor from Pride in Erewash, to identify problem areas in the local community and to keep on top of litter in and around school.

We are trying to encourage smokers to smoke away from the school entrance, to allow everyone a healthier start and end to the day.

Please see the link to ‘Travel Smart’ to see all the great work we are doing towards the Healthy Living & Transport section of the award.

All the classes that receive free fruit have now got recycling bins especially for food waste to make sure we are disposing of food waste correctly and responsibly.

We have some superb areas around achool, that encourage wildlife and biodicersity. We will be taking a donation of 30 hedges and a variety of 30 new trees in November, to create even more habitats for local wildlife. This is in partnership with The Woodland Trust. Why not check out their website to see if you can get involved too! 

If you have any other ideas of how to make our school more Eco friendly, please let us know!


Eco friendly kids


Ladywood Eco Code


Cut down on car pollution by walking, scooting, bike or bus. It’s healthier too!

Animal habitats need to be cared for, don’t drop litter.

Road safety matters, keep yourself and others safe!

Energy saving all round school and home. Switch it off if you’re not using it!