Eco Schools

Eco Schools at Ladywood 

At Ladywood, each class has an Eco representative, to help monitor our recycling and water and energy usage.

We are currently collecting and recycling batteries.

We encourage smokers to stay away from the school entrance, to allow everyone a healthier start and end to their day.

Please see the link to ‘Travel Smart’ to see all the great work we are doing towards the Healthy Living & Transport section of the award.

All our classes have recycling bins for their food waste and are helping to create compost to use around the school grounds.

We are lucky to have lots of space for every class to get involved with growing plants and vegetables.

We have a wealth of super areas around school, that encourage wildlife and biodiversity. We also have trees that have been donated by 'The Woodlands Trust'. Why not check out their website to see if you can get involved too! 

Our school takes part in various Eco events throughout the year, including National Bee Day, Earth Day, World Ocean Day and The Big Garden Birdwatch event, to name just a few. We even encouraged our learners to get involved in Eco friendly activities during their time of home schooling.

We are always looking for more ways to be Eco friendly. If you have any other ideas or can provide any additional support, please get in touch!


Please click HERE to find out what our Green Team get up to!


Eco friendly kids


Ladywood Eco Code


Cut down on car pollution by walking, scooting, bike or bus. It’s healthier too!

Animal habitats need to be cared for, don’t drop litter.

Road safety matters, keep yourself and others safe!

Energy saving all round school and home. Switch it off if you’re not using it!