Being Brilliant



At Ladywood Primary School, we are part of 'The Art of Being Brilliant' programme, that strives to support children to develop their emotional intelligence. It aims to raise the level of happiness, confidence and resilience of every child; embedding positivity and a sense of personal responsibility into school and home life.


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The Art of Brilliance encourages and embeds positive thinking and aims to inspire learners and staff to:

choose to be positive in situations.

take personal responsibility for their thoughts, actions, behaviour and learning. 

understand they can have a positive impact on those around them.

bounce back from setbacks and view mistakes as positive learning experiences (have bouncebackability). 

develop resilience.

know that random acts of kindness can make themselves, the school and home happier places and act upon this.

understand that everyone is good at something and we feel happy if we do what we are good at. We can all ‘play to our strengths’.

set HUGGs (Huge Unbelievably Great Goals), taking small steps to help achieve them.




We have an enthusiastic team of ‘Being Brilliant Ambassadors’ to help support the Being Brilliant programme and ensure that Ladywood is a safe, kind, happy place to be for everyone. 



For further information you can:

Google Andy Cope (who founded ‘Art of Brilliance’ in 2004) or watch him on YouTube.

visit the website: 

or watch 'The Pig of Happiness' on YouTube, please click HERE to find out about ‘knowing your impact’ and leaking out happiness. 


 Please come into school and have a look at our display, ask our amazing staff or our wonderful ‘Being Brilliant Ambassadors’ about it. We are always happy to share with you how we are helping our learners become happier, more positive and resilient!