Eco Schools

Eco Schools at Ladywood


The school Eco team have been very busy. They have represented the school on an Eco learning day at Derby University where they gave a talk about saving water in school by using hippos' in the toilet cisterns. They were so impressive they even got an award!

The next big project that concerns all of us at school, not just the Eco Team, is designing and creating our wildlife area. If you have any great ideas for what we could include, please give your design to Miss Robinson. Hopefully we will have lots of great ideas to get us started in September!

Have a look at the School Eco Code. Are you doing your bit to save the EARTH?

Eco friendly kids


Ladywood Eco Code


Everyone needs to work together to take care of our environment.

Always try to use the healthier option and walk or ride instead of using the car.

Reduce Re-use Recycle wherever you can.

Turn off the taps and all electrical items when you’re not using them.

Help keep the school tidy, use the bins!