Eco Schools

Eco Schools at Ladywood


The Eco Team are kept very busy at Ladywood. They are constantly trying to add to and maintain the school grounds. Their hard work has paid off, receiving awards from Erewash in Bloom for the last 3 years running. They are also helping other groups in school to develop Rice’s Retreat, our wild life area, in order to develop and encourage biodiversity in our school grounds.

We will be taking part in the ‘BLUE campaign’. Re-wilding Britain by sectioning off an area of land that is left uncut from February to September. It is easy to do, you can join in and find out more at

The Litter Team have been working with Richard Windsor from Pride in Erewash, to identify problem areas in the local community, so we can put in additional bins. They are also designing new banners to be displayed locally to remind everyone in our community how to help solve this problem.

Please see the link to ‘Travel Smart’ to see all the great work we are doing towards the Healthy Living & Transport section of the award.

All the classes that receive free fruit have now got recycling bins especially for food waste to make sure we are disposing of food waste correctly and responsibly.

If you have any other ideas of how to make our school more Eco friendly, please let us know!


Eco friendly kids


Ladywood Eco Code


Everyone needs to work together to take care of our environment.

Always try to use the healthier option and walk or ride instead of using the car.

Reduce Re-use Recycle wherever you can.

Turn off the taps and all electrical items when you’re not using them.

Help keep the school tidy, use the bins!