Travel Smart


We are constantly trying to make healthier choices at Ladywood and that includes how we travel to school.

We are part of the Modeshift Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for School awards (STARS) - this recognizes the efforts made to persuade pupils and parents to choose greener and healthier ways of getting to and from school.

We have received our Modeshift Bronze award in September and are on our way to securing our Silver award this year too!

2017 is year of the bike! We took part in National Bike Week where some of us ’Blinged our bikes’ and some of our staff have signed up to the Love to Ride scheme.

We have also taken part in Scooter and Bikeability training to help us make our journeys to school healthier and most importantly safe!

We understand that some pupils have no choice to come to school in the car but we encourage park and stride and car sharing. Lots of pupils and parents signed up to the Brake Pledge during Road Safety week. If you haven’t already use the link below.

How to get to school

Modeshift STARs

Scooter Smart Tips

Brake Pledge